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But Jennifer Swain, youth Spark’s program director, believes that the true criminals responsible for luring these Black girls are usually much closer. “My sole purpose, every day I wake up and put this gun and badge on, is to help young ladies like you.” Looking all of 17 but actually 25, the young woman began to cry, refusing to give her name as the fear of what might come next was all too real for her.

“Most of the girls I deal with in my group are being sexually exploited in their own communities,” says Swain. Outside, her 28-year-old pimp was surrounded by officers and giving no information except to brag that he had three children by the young woman and “kids from other girls, too.” Variations on this scene played out until about a.m., ending a sting that involved more than 150 officers from a dozen agencies across the Atlanta metro area.

In a state that also ranks tenth in the nation for interstate superhighways, Atlanta draws tens of millions annually to conventions and major events.

I was scared but interested, because he made it seem like it was the perfect situation.

“It’s the people in your ’hood—that older man who’s known you and your cousins, and now he’s wanting to have sex with you.” In 2011, the U. Department of Justice reported that 40 percent of all sex trafficking victims were Black. In March, 37 agencies across the state of Georgia collaborated in “Operation Broken Heart,” which netted 14 arrests, including an elementary school principal, for allegedly traveling to Atlanta to meet a child for sex.

Racine says the majority of cases she handles in De Kalb County, which has an African-American population of nearly 55 percent, involve Black children. Policing sex traffickers is getting harder for law enforcement because of the proliferation of sites targeting children on the Internet.

There are thousands of online classified ads such as this with naked and likely underage girls erotically posing on websites such as Backpage and Craigs-list.

Whoever posted the one above listed the young woman’s age as 19; experts say she’s probably much younger.

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