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Over 25,000 submissions had been accepted as of November 2007.

In December 2009, Yiffstar was renamed and relaunched under the name So Furry.

Art can be grouped in folders by the artist, allowing them to separate different topics, group their art by year or any other criteria they desire.

The oekaki board is meant to be used as a visual comment, to allow visitors to draw whatever a particular submission inspires them to.

There was no censorship for content, other than the requirement of entries to be furry or animal related.

Yiffstar, also known as the Yiffy Story Archive, was a privately funded non-commercial archive of erotic furry fiction, artwork and music.

Though focusing on furry stories with adult or sexual content, it also had sections for non-sexual fiction and artwork.

For more information about another user, clicking ? The board employs a linking system called "Thumbnailizer". As of December 6th, 2009, the link is still present on the sidebar, but the function has been replaced with the following text: "Sorry, I had to disable this service because its load cannot be flexibly spread across multiple servers.

on the right side of their user name will bring up their profile. It effectively enables hotlinking to a variety of sites in a way that prevents traffic problems for the sites hosting the images, effectively downloading an image no more often than once every 24 hours regardless of how many people view the image on F. Please consider asking your favorite artists to upload their art to yiffstar.com!

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